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Apartment Kitchen Upgrades

Apartment living is a fact of life for many of us, and unfortunately that means that we’re stuck with someone else’s décor ideas most of the time. Luckily, there are a lot of temporary, inexpensive things you can do to upgrade the appearance of the kitchen in your apartment. After all, ownership is not a requirement for style.


Light the Way

If your landlord is OK with it, you’re handy, and you have the storage space for the old ceiling fixture, you can also replace the light fixture with something fun and funky until you’re ready to move. If you can’t do that, don’t despair! You can still upgrade the kitchen lighting in your rental. Something as simple as stick-on strip lights under the cupboards can instantly change a dingy look AND help you stop cutting your fingers by letting you see what you’re doing when chopping veggies.


Hide the Floor

You can scrub old linoleum until your fingers are bare, but it still may not look clean. The easiest solution to that problem is an inexpensive rug with a non-slip coating on the bottom. Try to find something that holds up well during washing because the kitchen is a pretty messy place and you want to be able to keep the floor covering clean.


Hardware Upgrade

Changing the handles on drawers and cupboards is so simple anyone can do it, and it can make a huge difference to the look of the room. Just make sure you hang on to the old hardware so you can put it back on when you’re moving out if the landlord insists. But let’s face it, once they have seen how nice it looks, they’re probably going to insist you leave the new ones behind!


Accessorize with Flair

Using bright, bold accessories like red tea towels and oven mitts can add a bright splash to the room even if you don’t change another thing. Sure, a kettle cozy may seem like something your grandmother would love, but wasn’t your grandmother just a little bit cool in her own charming way?

Kitchen Reflections

You don’t have to live with a dreadful backsplash! Just about every building supply store will have peel and stick mirror tiles that you can use to hide the old backsplash and make the kitchen look bigger and brighter. Just make sure you’re only sticking them to non-porous surfaces if you want to get your damage deposit back.


Apartment living doesn’t have to mean living with an ugly kitchen!


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